Roundhouse 'Bertie'

Roundhouse 'Bertie'
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Cab backsheet door for Roundhouse Bertie locomotive.  A simple fit to hide the large area behin..
Cab doors for Roundhouse Bertie locomotive. Two brass doors to enhance the cab area, pre painted to ..
Cab roof rain strips for Roundhouse Bertie. Two brass strips with pre drilled holes to accept 12BA s..
Cast Brass Mechanical Lubricator with fine pipework detail, as used on the Locoworks running boards ..
Combination lever and crosshead set (pair) for classic locomotives.Price includes UK P&P..
Crosshead, comb lever, union link set with slide bars (pair) for 'basic series' locomotives...
Dummy Brake Handle for Lubricator.  A standard lubricator cap with 'O' ring for Roundho..
Ideal for Accucraft/Roundhouse locomotive cab backsheets.Fire Iron set/ rests and lamp bracket f..
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Lubricator set for Roundhouse 'Bertie' locomotive.  Hand made from brass including fine..
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NEW Oil box set for running board mounting on Accucraft or Roundhouse locomotives, or indeed for any..
Replacement set of four, buffer beam precision turned steel hex head bolts and nuts.  These are..
New!   Brass bunker for the Roundhouse Bertie loccomotive complete with fine scale lamp br..
 A pack of two sandboxes for a Roundhouse 'Bertie' locomotive.  To match the o..
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Smoke box door hinge, fabricated from brass. Ideal detailing item for the Roundhouse basic series lo..